Kratom UK Demystifying mitragyna speciosa

Kratom UK has been put together by some British kratom lovers for three reasons: we want to share our love of mitragyna speciosa, we want to explain what it's all about in plain English instead of jargon, and we want to stand up for our beloved plant in the face of irresponsible vendors who want to portray it as some kind of 'legal high'. Please watch Jack's short introductory video on the left - or just scroll down to find out more.
So what does it do?

Here are the results of our very scientific testing procedure, involving a few pots of kratom, some teaspoons, a bottle of Coca-cola and a sofa:

Fairly strong
Medium duration
Active fairly quickly
7 out of 10
Slightly stimulating, mood lift
Fairly strong effects
Very long-lasting
Slow to kick in
7 out of 10
Great euphoria
Subtle but noticeable
Medium duration
Effects noticeable quickly
6 out of 10
Relaxing, painkilling
Strong effects
Very long-lasting
Slower come-up
9 out of 10
Stimulating, sociable
Introducing ourselves

Here are a few of us, with a little bit of info about why kratom means so much to us:

Kratom for relaxation


"Nothing relaxes me
like kratom"

I just seem to be very prone to stress. Often I can't sleep. I don't like taking prescription drugs - kratom is just what I need for gentle relaxation.

No drugs! Thanks kratom!


"Thanks to kratom,
I'm off drugs - for good"

Kratom is amazing for detox - it even helped me come off methadone. I don't even want to think about what my life would be like now if I hadn't found kratom.

Kratom for anxiety


"It's just what I need
for social anxiety"

I used to be crippled by fear of parties and other social situations. Kratom gives me just enough of a boost to be able to get out there and make the most of my life.

Kratom for pain


"Kratom is my

I've been in pain every single day since an accident several years ago. Kratom doesn't take the pain away altogether, but it helps a lot. Kratom is the only way I can live a normal life.


Best Kratom Blends

Since we added the table (further up the page) discussing the effects of different strains of kratom, we've had a few emails suggesting that we talk about what happens when you blend different kratom types together. It seems that although a lot of people who are new to kratom take one strain at a time (indeed may well only keep one strain in the house), by the time people become real kratom connoisseurs, more than likely they're mixing their kratom together a bit.

Now let's see... a bit of Thai for the energy, and a bit of Green Malay to help bring out kratom's mood-lifting qualities... and then just a sprinkle of Red Vein Sumatra, to make the whole experience last a bit longer.

(for example).

So if you've got your own preferred blends, or any hints and tips about what kratom strains should go into the mix, let us know and we'll be sure to include your ideas. Thanks!

Sign the petition!

So it looks likely that the UK will introduce legislation to ban the import and sale of 'legal highs'. We have no great problem with that - but apparently there's a risk that kratom will get lumped in with all those chemical nasties and squashed by the same big ban-hammer.

Why could this happen? Well, put yourself in the position of the people who draft legislation like this. They don't know much about kratom, so they do a search on the internet, and it won't take them long to find a clutch of sites suggesting that kratom is ideal for the seeker of alternative consciousness. There are even those who seek to compare it with class A narcotics.

If we're going to have any chance of putting the other side of the argument, and making it clear that many people benefit from the gentle medicinal effects of kratom, we need to make our voices heard. And the good news is, there's a way of doing just that which will take less than a minute of your valuable time.

Get yourselves over to the Keep Kratom Legal website and sign the petition!

Kratom escapes Louisiana ban!

Great news: Senator Crowe of Louisiana has decided to withdraw his proposal to ban kratom in his state. Following approaches from the Kratom Association, us at Kratom UK and the wider kratom-loving community, including personal letters and a petition, he realises that it's not the demon substance he had initially assumed it to be. He's now saying that kratom should simply not be sold to minors - we're quite happy to support that.

We've been watching this story unfold with a lot of interest because although Louisiana seems a long way away from the UK, as we all know, where America leads the world often follows. For the time being, the immediate danger to the legality of kratom seems to have receded. Three cheers for kratom!

Keep kratom legal!

Way back before I had ever heard of kratom, I found myself surfing Youtube for information about a psychedelic plant I'd heard of called salvia divinorum. Great things were being said about salvia, and I wanted to find out what the effects were.

When I entered salvia divinorum as a search term on Youtube, I found myself surfing through video after video of moronic teenagers laughing at their mates who were taking a hit on a bong full of salvia and then tripping in what looked to be a very uncomfortable way. It may be that salvia has many great qualities, but those videos made its users look moronic at best, and downright bloody dangerous at worst. I decided to give it a miss.

The next thing I heard about salvia divinorum was in the news. Lawmakers across the world were expressing their shock that this plant was legal, and in the process of getting it banned. When they were speaking about why it should be banned, those ridiculous and irresponsible Youtube videos kept cropping up in conversation.

So how does this relate to kratom? Well, the risk is that the same thing could happen again, but this time it's lovers of kratom who are potentially in the firing line.

One problem is irresponsible vendors who are desperate to sell their product by making it out to be a life-changing product. This unfortunately sometimes seems to involve exaggerating its effects, and making it out to be something to get high or stoned on. What rubbish! Kratom is a wonderful herb; it can pep you up, it can relax you, it can work wonders against chronic pain and it can help you detox from hard drugs. Amongst us, we have experience of all those things. Kratom is a very special product - so why make it out to be something it's not?

Even worse are the owners of American "detox clinics" who are touting for business by trying to portray kratom use as something which necessitates the use of their (very expensive) services. These people are nothing but sharks.

Kratom must not be portrayed as some kind of powerful drug. It must be marketed responsibly and never to minors. Let's spread the word about this benign herb and keep kratom legal.

How to take kratom

A lot of first-time kratom users have trouble finding information on how to use kratom. This is because kratom isn't approved for human consumption - not that there's any evidence that it's harmful in any way (quite the reverse) - but it does mean that kratom vendors can't give explicit instructions on how to take kratom. The problem is made worse by people who discuss their kratom use on the internet and use deliberately misleading terms to describe their kratom ingestion in order to conceal the fact that human consumption is exactly what is happening to their kratom!

There are three main ways to take kratom. One is to make it into a tea. Basically, you'll need to take your kratom (about 10g, say), and boil it up with water until it has infused really well. The resulting mixture is pretty gross, but a spoonful of sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice help somewhat.

Then there's the method known as "toss and wash". It involves putting your kratom on a teaspoon and carefully placing it on your tongue. A big glug of drink and voila! It's gone.

Actually, it's not that easy: get your technique slightly wrong, and you'll have kratom powder everywhere - tickling your throat, up your nose and - if that all results in a massive sneeze - all over the place! Nevertheless, a lot of seasoned kratom aficionados will tell you that toss and wash is their preferred method of taking kratom, and that it becomes easier with practice.

So I'm going to give you the benefit of all our disasters, and pass on the method which works best for all of us: yogurt. Take a couple of spoonfuls of yogurt, mix your kratom with enough of it to make a vaguely palatable paste, and scoff it. Job done!

Natural Chemistry

We have been using Natural Chemistry to supply us with our kratom, and can certainly recommend them. However we'd like to develop this section of the website into a reviews page for kratom vendors, so if you have experience of this or any other vendors, let us know and we'll add their link and details.